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poolsupplies.com Reviews

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  • poolsupplies.com liner tear

    from day ONE I was losing water(about 500 gallons a day) I couldn't locate the leak, I finally spent the money and got a pool specialist to look at it who uses Sonar equipment and has been doing it for over 20 years. He locates the leak and takes underwater pictures of it and he is CERTAIN its a seam tear and its covered under warranty since I've only had the liner for 2 months. I contact poolsupplies.com/leisure living and they tell me its not a seam tear and offer me a free patch kit and a $25 discount, after a brief conversation stating the customer service rep just repeated... More...
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    krego9's Picture   krego9    0 Comments   Comments
  • poolsupplies.com

    Ok..so I placed an order and at that time they were offering a free maintenance kit if you spent over $100.00. What I needed didn't cost that so I added another item to qualify..I received both of the paid items in a pretty quick fashion but waited a while for the maintenance KIT..after about 8 days and still nothing , I called to see if there was a problem..the girl stated "we have them in stock, I'm not sure why it wasn't shipped" "we will have it out to you tomorrow"..ok .. That was Monday and Thursday comes around and no KIT...so I call again and the... More...
  • Does not support the full 1yr warranty

    Purchased a 21' round pool last June. After having a pool for 16 years we needed to replace it another. Decided to try this as it was much cheaper. After less than one year the pool has wall has failed in the vertical direction. They are not supporting the full 1yr warranty as they believe it was due to winter. Winter load and ground shift moves the pool in a later direction not the vertical. Do not buy from this company. I should have investigated the complaints before I did. More...
    xcdist's Picture   xcdist    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waiting for pool closing kit

    We have been waiting 2 weeks for our pool closing kit. Of course they've already taken the money out of our bank account. It took us four days numerous of calls many faxes of our bank statement. They Couldn't find that we ordered anything, because it was in the wrong account and under the wrong person's name and sent to a wrong person supposedly. So we talk to a manager who was no help except to get our product out to us possibly in 2 business days we'll see. What customer service!!! We place the order over the phone with them their mistake and they are not doing... More...
    Linder59's Picture   Linder59    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst customer service

    Replacement of deluxe winter pool cover. Still no response via email, The couple rare times I actually got through on phone (very early in a.m.)I have been quoted 3 different prices to replace this junk cover from $15.74 shipping to $27.95 shipping and from 30% to 35% proration. And off new price not what I paid. Doesn't seem like anyone there really knows what is going on! very unsatisfactory and will definitely refrain from buying from poolsupplies.com again. Supervisors need to get involved because you are going to lose a lot of business over poor customer service. Thank goodness... More...
    tad206's Picture   tad206    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not recieve product until I filed a complaint

    did not receive my order that was paid in advance. I tried calling 2 or 3 times a day and no answer. I filed a complaint with paypal and they finally shipped my products and one of the items was the wrong thing. I tried calling them again and they would say they would call me back or they just hung up on me. Changed my claim on paypal to received wrong item. They are trying to fight it by saying I ordered the wrong thing even though I have never order it before and I ordered from them every year. Terrible customer service and will not use them again! More...
    iservegod's Picture   iservegod    0 Comments   Comments
  • wrong size pool liner

    I bought a pool liner from poolsupplies.com. It was too small. I called them and the person who spoke with me told me to measure the pool again and send photos of the measurement. I did this. The pool measures 18' x 33' (oval) and that was supposedly the size of the liner. I sent the photos to them and they told me to talk to Judy on Monday. I called and Judy was not there but the person who talked to me said that they had received the photos and that she agreed that the liner was too small. I have called them again and again. They keep telling me that someone will call... More...
    ctaylor's Picture   ctaylor    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    Extremely poor customer service. Same problem as another poster above. Bought a vacuum head and used it for about 10 minutes. The bristles were so flimsy that they collapsed and sucked fast to the deep end bottom 3 times! Each time, I had to run over and shut off the pump. I called and told them the problem and asked for a refund and was told that their "policy" was not to take it back since it had been in the water. I asked how can you find out if a product works if you don't put it in the water and further, all you do is sell items that are to be used in water!... More...
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    Unhappy1990's Picture   Unhappy1990    0 Comments   Comments
  • defective pool liner

    I purchased a pool liner from them. It had two seams instead of one. The customer service rep confirmed it should only have one. At one seam, the connection between the bead at the top and the top of the seam was not attached thoroughly and weak. When the installer tried to attached this section to the j trim, it ripped from the weight of the liner. Pool Supplies stated they would call me back and let me know, but after 3 phone calls and 3 days - i finally was told this was on a warranty item and suggested i call the manufacturer myself. More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • horrible quality pool supplies

    I figured i support a local co. in N.Y. and after purchasing a solar cover, a winter cover and some pillows they sell horrible made in China quality. The winter cover had three holes and the pillows started deflating as some as my pool guy placed them in the pool. Also i called to speak to someone in customer service concerning the recently purchased items and was rude as hell and switched me to a customer service manager who doesn't return phone calls. I will never buy anything again from this company. PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE PRICES......EVERYTHING THEY SELL IS POOR... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    BOYCOTT's Picture   BOYCOTT    0 Comments   Comments
  • Winter Pool Cover

    I purchased a winter pool cover in November 2011. We did not use the pool cover and we did not open the package. We simply stored the cover (in the plastic package) in the pool house to use next fall. Upon looking at the cover the other day (April 2012) there were several holes melted in it! There were a few small holes in the plastic package, but several large holes in the pool cover (even in spots where there were no holes in the plastic covering!) Poolsupplies.com claims that I improperly stored the package and that the heat caused holes in the cover! Get real....it was winter and... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    KNiece's Picture   KNiece    0 Comments   Comments
  • winter pool cover

    I had purchased a pool cover 12x24 w/ 3ft overhang. It did not have a overhang. There for it did not fit my pool. I had called to return the cover and purchase a bigger size. However, when I placed the order they had free shipping, but I had to pay a handeling fee of $6.95. No big deal. I paid $44.99 for the cover. Total of $51.94. But when I call them to return the item they said I have to pay the shipping that they paid to send the package to me and will not get the handeling fee back. They would only give $37 back for the whole order. That means I would have paid $15 for a cover I can... More...
  • crappy product/crappy customer service

    I purchased a deluxe solar reel with crank handle #989137 and after about 50 times cranking the handle it cracked in half. I tried repeatedly to get a replacement, sending in pictures, etc and they refused to send me a replacement unless I paid. So much for the 3 year warantee that was noted on their literature. I definately wasted more of their time than the replacement part cost, but they would not budge. I would never buy from these people. More...
    brianl's Picture   brianl    1 Comments   Comments
  • The worst customer service

    I've purchased from poolsupplies.com in the past without any problems but this time I needed to cancel my order. I called before I received notification of shipping and after 20 minutes on hold while they check with the manager I was told they couldn't cancel the order because the items had been shipped. Baseed on the shipping notification emails I received the next morning and the tracking information they weren't shipped until several hours after I called. Now if I send them back they will charge a restocking fee. It's a rip off and I'll never deal with this... More...
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    kenm's Picture   kenm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Filter without the parts

    We recently ordered a pool filter from poolsupplies.com. It didn't come with the fitting that attach to the filter. i was told they would be sent out. After a few days and not receiving them, I called back, only to be told that the manager cancelled the order becasue they don't come with the filter. This manager told me that becasue we didn't order the pump also, we wouldn't get all the parts. I explained that the fittings are part of the filter, not the pump. They told me that I should have ordered all the parts I needed to begin with. I asked why the salesman... More...
    elwebb's Picture   elwebb    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    Problems one after the other with a simple order of pool liner and foam wall kit. This has been ongoing for a month. I have finally recieved all the items but have been over charged, spent hours on the phone with customer service including the customer service manager, recieved a lower gauge liner than ordered, someone there decided to change the order without contacting me. At this point I took the lower gauge becauseotherwise summer would be over before I ever had it installed. Was promised a $25.00 credit by Customer service manager for all the time and problems, never recieved that.... More...
  • Pool Liner

    I originally ordered a pool liner on 6/14/2020 and recieved a comformation along with tracking number. A few days later I recieved a message that the liner was no longer availableand to call the compnay. Upon calling I was told the shipping label had come off and they would try to locate my item. A few days later I calle to see what the status of the item was and I was told that I needed to reorder a different item and cancel that one. My credit card was billed even though the item evidently was never in stock or shipped. My credit card would then be credited, My credit card was finally... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Katrina72953's Picture   Katrina72953    0 Comments   Comments

poolsupplies.com Reviews By Product

poolsupplies.com Comments

DudewareUSA says: (4 years ago)
I order a pool lounger, that the seams were ripped right out of the box. They told me to send pic's of the lounger and they would send a new one. 4 phone calls later (and e-mail links that don't work on there website Leisure Living.com) After all that, they told me it a manufacture problem to get ahold of them. ( So, I guess I have to call CHINA sweat shop ) Theses' people think because, you order online they don't half to deal with you. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM POOL SULLPIES.COM / LEISURE LIVING.COM

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